Artfully intelligent healthcare

Partnering with leading healthcare organisations, creates AI-as-a-medical device solutions that have a global impact and support clinical excellence.

What we do

At, we believe that high quality healthcare is a fundamental human right. It should be accessible to all, no matter where we are in the world.

To make this vision a reality, we combine medical insights with industry-leading data engineering and harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a fairer, brighter future for healthcare.

By bringing together the greatest minds, we’re cultivating a place that encourages outstanding work and bold, new ideas.

Our mission is to create AI-as-a-medical-device solutions through ventures and ultimately improve the standard of healthcare for 1million lives every day.

How we do it

We are a clinician-led healthcare artificial intelligence company that innovates efficient and accessible solutions and services. By combining exceptional deep learning expertise with clinical experience we deploy healthcare AI solutions.

We partner with world-class healthcare providers to make medical care more accurate and accessible. Our intuitive AI-enabled tools support clinicians and healthcare providers to deliver improved patient outcomes.


"I-MED Radiology Network chose to partner with to form the venture for several reasons. They specialise in medically oriented AI, and is one of the few with a commercialised medical AI products already in commercial use. Co-founder Aengus Tran, is a medical doctor and therefore understands the nuances of developing medical software.

There have been several highlights in the partnership, particularly the speed at which the algorithms have been developed and, in all aspects, the final product has exceeded our expectations.'s ability to problem solve as we progressed is outstanding, and their enthusiasm and insight into the complexities of developing AI is unique."
Ron Shnier, Chief Medical Officer, I-MED Radiology Network
Case study

IVY, in partnership with Virtus Health, developed AI technology “Ivy” that used time-lapse videos during in vitro fertilisation (IVF), and before embryo transfer, to predict the likelihood of an embryo to lead to viable pregnancy. The AI technology can support elective single embryo transfer and is anticipated to shorten the time to pregnancy by helping practitioners to rank the most viable embryos for selection and transfer.

In 2019, entered into transfer and collaboration agreements with Virtus Health and Vitrolife based in Sweden, under which intellectual property and patent applications relating to the Ivy AI technology was transferred to Vitrolife, and the parties agreed to jointly further develop the technology in the time-lapse incubator application.

The people make the business:

Introducing the team

We excel because of our singular vision. To make sure we achieve it, we hire leading specialists in their area of expertise, including AI engineering, medical, dev-ops and business operations. Making a melting pot of bold, innovative thinkers.

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