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    Episode 19

    2nd Oct 2023
    The HR Community Podcast: Navigating Start-Up Culture with Nicole Karagiannis

    Ever wondered what it’s like to navigate the fast-paced world of start-ups as a HR leader? Nicole Karagiannis is here to share her enlightening journey. As Chief People Officer for the innovative Harrison AI, Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge from her diverse career path, which has spanned industries such as banking, healthcare and more. Her unique blend of professional wisdom, personal anecdotes, and genuine dedication to positive employee experiences make this dialogue a must-listen for anyone looking to create a thriving workplace culture.

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    Episode 167

    25th Aug 2023
    Open the Pod Bay Doors by Innovation Bay with Aengus Tran, Harrison.ai

    In this week’s podcast episode, host Ian Gardiner speaks to our very own CEO and Co-Founder, Aengus Tran.

    As they delve into the world of healthcare, Aengus Tran shares his remarkable journey as one of the visionary founders of Harrison.ai, and how the company is reshaping the landscape of global healthcare through innovative AI-powered solutions. According to Aengus, one of the biggest problems of our time is how to look after such a huge population with increased health needs. “Of all the things being done in in healthcare, scale will be the solution of quality healthcare globally,” he says.

    Aengus delves into his migration from Ho Chi Minh to Australia as a teen, where adapting quickly to a new culture and language was a necessity, as well as elaborating on the aspirations of Harrison.ai as they steer towards their north star: impacting the lives of one million patients daily.

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    Episode 2

    9th May 2023
    UNSW The Business of AI Episode 2: How can AI help healthcare?

    AI and machine learning are already reshaping the way we live and work. How can leaders use it ethically? At a time where healthcare workers are stretched to near breaking point, what role does AI have in augmenting natural skills and capabilities.

    Harrison.ai co-founder & Chief Business Development Officer Dimitry Tran joins Lamont Tang from AGSM @ UNSW Business School to discuss how we’re using AI to benefit clinicians and patients alike.

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    Episode 128

    25th Apr 2023
    The High Flyers Podcast with Vidit Agarwal: Peter Huynh on Vietnamese connection, startup ecosystems & state of healthcare AI

    In this episode Peter Huynh, Chief Strategy Officer at Harrison.ai & a former VC investor, shares his personal journey as a Vietnamese immigrant in Australia, including the challenges his family faced upon arrival in the late 1970s.

    He discusses his reflections on learning English through TV shows and his experiences with mindfulness coaching. The episode also delves into his career highlights, including working with early versions of Spotify and Facebook and seeding the Australian startup ecosystem in 2011. Discover why he transitioned from VC to a startup executive role at Harrison.ai and his learnings from working at the intersection of healthcare and AI.

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    Episode 110

    28th Mar 2023
    Work Life by Design podcast: Designing Social Connection & Intentional Employee Incentive Programs

    In this episode of Work Life by Design Nicole Karagiannis, Chief People Officer at Harrison.ai, joins Melissa Marsden to reveal the secrets to creating truly transformative employee incentive programs and wellbeing initiatives.

    Discover how the 6-pillar wellbeing program, including the powerful impact of social connection on remote work, at Harrison.ai is creating a culture of innovation and inclusion – and don’t miss out on the story behind the inspirational & pioneering “Becoming a Parent” program. Tune in now to unlock the key to meaningful and intentional difference-making in the workplace!

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    Episode 67

    1st Mar 2023
    HR Leader Podcast: Harrison.ai chief people and culture officer on HR’s wide-ranging commercial value

    In this podcast episode, HR Leader sits down with Nicole Karagiannis, our very own Chief People and Culture Officer at Harrison.ai.

    As a trilingual individual, Nicole discusses how her language skills have aided her in communicating effectively with diverse groups. She also emphasizes the importance of tailoring recognition to individual employees and fostering an inclusive workplace at Harrison.ai.

    Tune in to the full podcast for a thought-provoking conversation on the evolving role of HR.

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    Episode 57

    29th Sep 2022
    How to Ace an Interview – Evolution Exchange Australia

    Get ahead of the game with some of the latest tips, tricks and advice from industry experts to nail your next interview.

    Harrison.ai Head of Talent, Pamela Stevenson joins host Liam McDaid and guests Valeriya Samokh (Redbubble) & Dani Difalco (Showpo) for the latest episode of the Talent Acquisition Podcast Series, sharing advice and insights on:
    ✔ Things to think about when preparing for an interview
    ✔ How to answer different types of interview questions
    ✔ Coaching managers to follow a consistent interview process and eliminate bias

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    Episode 15

    26th Sep 2022
    Coach Conversations Podcast

    Nicole Karagiannis, Chief People & Culture Officer at Harrison.ai joins host Brendon Le Lievre to discuss all things coaching.

    Nicole & Brendan explore building an internal coaching capability, preparing effectively for coaching sessions and how to quickly fill up your cup. Nicole is an ICF ACC credentialled coach and has completed training with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.

    This is a podcast or human beings interested in helping other human beings by being better listeners, asking better questions or developing higher levels of trust in relationships, teams and organisations.

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    Episode 273

    16th Aug 2022
    Talking HealthTech: How will AI transform healthcare for millions of patients a day?

    The co-founder of Harrison.ai and its joint ventures, Annalise.ai & Franklin.ai, is at the forefront of the Medtech industry. He’s creating AI-powered technology to help solve global healthcare resource shortages.

    The potential impact of this machine-learning software world-wide is awe-inspiring. But where does the ethics fit into all this? Hear what Aengus has to say about the scientific research backing up his groundbreaking tech and the stringent ethical requirements & standards that govern the work they do. Privacy protection of the patients is also a huge consideration when using their data to help create the products – Aengus runs through the sophisticated steps they take to ensure data protection is front of mind and top priority.

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    Episode 334

    9th Aug 2022
    The Mentor with Mark Bouris – Dr Aengus Tran

    Combining human intelligence with AI to create better healthcare: Harrison.ai

    In this episode of the Mark Bouris podcast, Aengus breaks down the complex world of AI, coding and algorithms. Fascinated by the concept of getting work done while sleeping, Aengus is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help solve worldwide clinician shortages. He explains that by distilling knowledge into algorithms and applying machine learning we have scaling capability beyond what humans alone are able to achieve.

    Aengus also fondly talks about co-founding Harrison.ai in 2018 with Dimitry, his business-minded brother. The medtech start-up had humble beginnings; the team of 2 built their first super computer from scratch using YouTube tutorials. Since then, they’ve grown the business to a 200+ person, 3 venture operation spanning Australia, UK and US. Tune in to hear about how the team are making waves in medtech and solving the seemingly unsolvable.

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