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    Episode 2

    9th May 2023
    UNSW The Business of AI Episode 2: How can AI help healthcare?

    AI and machine learning are already reshaping the way we live and work. How can leaders use it ethically? At a time where healthcare workers are stretched to near breaking point, what role does AI have in augmenting natural skills and capabilities.

    Harrison.ai co-founder & Chief Business Development Officer Dimitry Tran joins Lamont Tang from AGSM @ UNSW Business School to discuss how we’re using AI to benefit clinicians and patients alike.

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    Episode 128

    25th Apr 2023
    The High Flyers Podcast with Vidit Agarwal: Peter Huynh on Vietnamese connection, startup ecosystems & state of healthcare AI

    In this episode Peter Huynh, Chief Strategy Officer at Harrison.ai & a former VC investor, shares his personal journey as a Vietnamese immigrant in Australia, including the challenges his family faced upon arrival in the late 1970s.

    He discusses his reflections on learning English through TV shows and his experiences with mindfulness coaching. The episode also delves into his career highlights, including working with early versions of Spotify and Facebook and seeding the Australian startup ecosystem in 2011. Discover why he transitioned from VC to a startup executive role at Harrison.ai and his learnings from working at the intersection of healthcare and AI.

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    Episode 273

    16th Aug 2022
    Talking HealthTech: How will AI transform healthcare for millions of patients a day?

    The co-founder of Harrison.ai and its joint ventures, Annalise.ai & Franklin.ai, is at the forefront of the Medtech industry. He’s creating AI-powered technology to help solve global healthcare resource shortages.

    The potential impact of this machine-learning software world-wide is awe-inspiring. But where does the ethics fit into all this? Hear what Aengus has to say about the scientific research backing up his groundbreaking tech and the stringent ethical requirements & standards that govern the work they do. Privacy protection of the patients is also a huge consideration when using their data to help create the products – Aengus runs through the sophisticated steps they take to ensure data protection is front of mind and top priority.

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    Episode 16

    20th May 2022
    Talking Business with Leon Gettler – Dr Aengus Tran

    In this episode of the Talking Business podcast, Aengus sat down with host Leon Gettler to talk about more than just business. The conversation covers all things AI and healthcare, as well as Harrison.ai’s unique business model and how we’re using it to help an increasing number of clinicians more accurately and efficiently diagnose their patients.

    One of Aengus’ mottos is to do simple things brilliantly. It’s something that’s been formative in the creation and development of Harrison.ai. This is discussed in the podcast as well as his upbringing in Vietnam, his Australian schooling and career ambitions which later became a reality. Aengus talks about the significance of Artificial Intelligence and its ability to revolutionise the healthcare industry by helping to tackle the major inequality and capacity issues that exist within the system. He credits the rapid growth of Harrison.ai to the expansion of the team and the launch of new ventures within the business, that are providing more clinicians with the tools they need to do their best work.

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    Episode 6

    1st Dec 2021
    Wild Hearts: Helping a million lives a day with Dr. Aengus Tran and Samantha Wong

    Our very own Dr. Aengus Tran sat down with Mason Yates from Wild Hearts to discuss starting a business with purpose and Harrison.ai’s mission to help solve the issue of health capacity and health inequality around the world.

    In this episode, Aengus talks about his experience immigrating from Vietnam to Australia and his father’s influence on his passion for computer science. The conversation also covers his first ever start-up, which was born from the inner workings of his university dorm room and inspired by his love of being around people and collaborating with others.

    In fact, collaboration and partnering with leading healthcare companies is credited by Aengus as one of the key reasons behind Harrison.ai’s rapid growth. That combined with the talented humans who make up the now 250-person strong company and the culture of determination which drives them to do meaningful work day in, day out.

    Aengus talks about the power of teamwork as well as the power of keeping an open mind, particularly when it comes to the field of medicine. He cites the 20th century as being a period of zooming in and looking at the finer details, whereas he sees the 21st century as a time to zoom out and look at the healthcare system as a whole. He goes on to chat with Mason about the progress we’ve already made with our chest X-ray technology, which is currently being used by one in four clinicians in Australia. Aengus points out that a clear business mission reminds him and his brother Dimitry, and the broader Harrison.ai team, why they do what they do – to benefit millions of lives each day.

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