AGSM Education and AI Innovation: Dimitry Tran’s path to redefining healthcare at

Meet our Co-Founder, Dimitry. 

Armed with an MGA executive from AGSM @ UNSW Business School, Dimitry recently took the spotlight in a campaign celebrating the remarkable achievements of esteemed alumni. 

The campaign spotlights Dimitry’s AI-driven healthcare vision at, underscoring and highlighting his AGSM education’s role in shaping his leadership journey. 

Let’s take a peek into their conversation and learn more about Dimitry and his inspiration for starting 

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Early Years Drive Mission for Healthcare Transformation 

Throughout his childhood in Vietnam, Dimitry’s life was shaped by personal experiences that made him want to better the healthcare system.  

When an unexpected stomach ulcer threatened turmoil for his family, Dimitry set about improving access to healthcare for the broader community. He realised the inequality in healthcare while trying to get treatment, and this made him aware of the struggle faced by so many people around the globe. 

I always find it interesting how we have instant access to many things – food, taxis, flights etc., but in our most vulnerable moments seeking healthcare, we wait for many hours for someone to see us. That’s not acceptable. 

Together with his younger brother, Dr Aengus Tran, he wanted to improve the way that people access healthcare. His brother Aengus serves as CEO of the company, and together their skillsets create the perfect balance of business intelligence and hands on medical knowledge. 

Photo credit: Anthony Geernaert

Bridging Healthcare Capacity Gaps at 

Dimitry has worn many hats at In the early stages, he was fully hands-on, overseeing everything from accounting and financial statements to hiring the first employee. 

Now Chief Business Development Officer, his role involves finding the right market fit for products, but Dimitry says getting there challenged him every step of the way. 

As a business, has some lofty goals including using Artificial Intelligence to address the scarcity of medical professionals and resulting capacity constraints. In healthcare, the issue is not so much the availability of expensive medical equipment but the limited number of trained medical professionals to use that technology. 

The power of AI is its ability to analyse vast amounts of data with speed and precision that human professionals alone just can’t match – no matter how good they are.’s goal is to empower healthcare professionals, such as radiologists and pathologists, with AI tools that boost their capacity to deliver faster, more accurate results, ultimately improving patient outcomes. 

“AI is a force multiplier for healthcare professionals. It can help bridge the gap between the growing demand for, and the limited supply of, skilled practitioners, ultimately making quality healthcare more accessible.” 

Photo credit: Anthony Geernaert

Learn more about Dimitry and his AGSM experience 

Dimitry’s AGSM education equipped him with the ability to integrate knowledge and apply it to real-world situations, making him the versatile and effective leader he is today. 

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