Building a Culture of Employee Engagement at (and how you can do it too)

Employee engagement is highly critical for the success of any business. After all, we spend most of our waking hours and days working. So, it’s only fair that we enjoy what we do and do it in a comfortable and supportive environment that enables us to thrive. 

However, according to the state of the global workplace 2022 report by Gallup, only 21% of employees are engaged at work, and 33% of them thrive in their overall well-being. With low engagement alone costing the global economy a reported $7.8 trillion, it’s clear that employee engagement should be a top priority to ensure the success of every business and its people.

So, with employee well-being and engagement being imperative to a workplace, the question is – how do organisations and leaders engage their teams to thrive in all aspects of their life?

To answer this question, Chief People and Culture Officer of, Nicole Karagiannis, shares her recent experience with an outstanding employee engagement survey at and offers up the proven steps leaders need to take to engage their people.

Nicole Karagiannis, Chief People & Culture Officer at employee engagement

We’re committed to ensuring high employee engagement and workplace improvements at Our engagement surveys provide a platform for our team to give honest and constructive feedback on how we’re tracking as an organisation.

In 2021 we ran our first employee engagement survey using Culture Amp, which we sent to all the staff across the organisation. Nicole explains, “this led to sharing the results across the board, running focus groups to discuss the results, and building an action plan detailing areas for focused improvements. This then culminated in twelve months of a lot of work.”

The 2022 survey in June was an opportunity to reflect upon a year’s worth of work and initiatives across key areas, and the results were phenomenal.

Our survey says

“We carried out the survey again in June 2022 and were blown away by the results. We had a 98% participation rate and an engagement result of 88%, which is way above the market average,” says Nicole.

“Our objective was to see how the initiatives we’ve been working hard to implement have been hitting the mark to change the culture.” She further added, “The organisation profile had changed dramatically in that period. We had a lot of new starters join, and this was their opportunity to share their first impression of whether this is the organisation they thought they were joining.” team at HQ in Haymarket, Sydney. Photography by Katherine Griffiths.

2022 employee survey results

The 2022 survey provided a great opportunity to retest how people felt about the company’s mission post-COVID after working a hundred percent remotely. The 45 questions covered various factors, including:

  • Leadership
  • Social connection
  • Business continuity
  • Well-being

Our results reflected 92% favourable feedback in the leadership category and 90%+ favourability in other factors such as company confidence, social connection, and business continuity, to name a few. 

While the response was overwhelmingly positive, at we’re obsessed with the process and are always looking to improve and strive for better. A couple of areas ranked 80% or less are where we’re focusing our attention for the year ahead, including:

  • Learning and development
  • Feedback and recognition 
  • Work and life blend

This is driving our action plan to:

  1. Focus on these three areas by launching our grow with initiative to set and evaluate performance, development and wellbeing goals goals. 
  2. Write a leadership playbook for our leaders to help them keep the momentum.
  3. Create career progression frameworks, reward and recognition programs 

Top three tips for engaging your employees 

As our survey and other data reflect – employee engagement is about more than providing the odd perks and benefits packages. Organisations need to consider the whole person as a human, not just an employee. This means empowering the relationship between their overall well-being and engagement.

So, to help you along, Nicole has shared her three golden tips on what leaders can do to engage their employees.

  1. Lead from a full cup; you can’t inspire your people to do great work, prioritise their wellbeing and have fun along the way unless you’re looking after yourself first. Monitor your energy levels and give from a full cup, not an empty one
  2. Ask questions and listen; it’s the old “seek first to understand before being understood”; what does engagement mean to each of your team members? What ideas do they have? How do they like to be led? What type of culture do they thrive in? Guide the way, don’t do it all yourself.
  3. Be a true champion and advocate for your people. Following on from the previous tip, after you’re done listening, take action. Let your behaviours match your words; if you stumble, stay humble (that wasn’t supposed to rhyme), own your mistake, correct, apologise, learn and move on. Remember you can’t do all of this on your own, find your co-pilots: the leaders and teams you need help from to put things in place for your team. Be brave and take your ideas to finance, to people & culture and to others: they are here for you and will likely have solutions and resources to make a positive impact.

Nicole Karagiannis, Chief People & Culture Officer at

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