Getting Work Done While Sleeping: Dr Aengus Tran on The Mentor podcast co-founder & CEO, Dr Aengus Tran, joins Mark Bouris to discuss scaling within the health industry, how to work towards a business goal effectively and where to learn more about AI.

Dr Aengus Tran, co-founder of, breaks down the complex world of AI, coding and algorithms. Fascinated by the concept of getting work done while sleeping, he’s using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help solve worldwide clinician shortages.

Aengus co-founded in 2018 with Dimitry, his business-minded brother. The medtech start-up had humble beginnings; the team of 2 built their first supercomputer from scratch using YouTube tutorials. Since then, they’ve grown the business to a 200+ person, 3 venture operation spanning Australia, UK and US.

Aengus explains that by distilling knowledge into algorithms and applying machine learning we have scaling capability beyond what humans alone are able to achieve.

Watch the full clip here:

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