Opportunity knocks for talented grads

Gradharrison.ai gives graduates an amazing opportunity to fast-track their careers in AI healthcare and help change the world.

Harrison.ai has just launched its prestigious graduate program, and applications have been flooding in, making the selection process a challenging one. Five lucky students will be selected for the first intake of the ‘Gradharrison.ai’ program, kicking off on July 18 2022. Another program is expected to begin in mid-January 2023.

“This is the first time we’ve ever hosted a graduate program,” says Harrison.ai Head of Talent, Pam Stevenson. “It’s a really exciting chance for graduates to fast track their careers in a really exciting and progressive space…AI healthcare. They will hit the ground running from day one, learn some real-life practical skills and start to make an impact.”

Unlike most graduate programs which run over two years, Gradharrison will be a more intensive one-year experience.

“It will be a condensed learning environment and we’ll be providing a lot of mentorship along the way,” says Pam. “The program is very structured, and there will be opportunities for the graduates to cross-skill across different departments, so they’ll have achieved a really well-rounded skill-set by the end of year one.”

The program is open to recent graduates and those in their penultimate year of study. Although available to students from all over Australia, the first intake has attracted a majority from the University of New South Wales, and University of Sydney, with a background in STEM.

“The bulk of our applicants have studied computer science or biomedical engineering, or both. Others have a background in data science or machine learning.”

To be selected, graduates must complete a six-step process that sees them apply online, be interviewed by phone, meet with the team, and complete a quick sample task. There’s also a final interview and placement offer if they are successful.

To apply, they need to have Australian permanent residency status when submitting their application and be based in Australia. Academically, they require a minimum overall standing of 75 per cent grade point average.

Next year’s intake will see graduates with non-STEM degrees invited to apply, especially those who have studied finance or law, making them suitable for Harrison.ai’s business operations and commercial teams. There are also plans for an internship in 2023.

Harrison.ai has a new head office in Sydney’s Haymarket district which the graduates are free to use. “Because we work flexibly, the Gradharrison.ai students can dip in and out whenever they want to. It’s a collaborative workspace and on Fridays there’s always something fun happening, whether it’s after-work drinks, seminars, or even karaoke.”

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