Harrison.ai launches gender-neutral ‘Becoming a Parent’ policy

Parenting is one of the toughest gigs on the planet. The toughest gig calls for the strongest support. We are thrilled to share our ‘Becoming a Parent’ policy, offering gender-neutral support for employees, and hope that this may influence other businesses to innovate their own.

Our ‘Becoming a Parent’ program recognizes that parenthood takes many forms and comes with many challenges. Covering five key areas, we aim to play a small part during a momentous life event, to be there for our people – and their little people – when it matters most. The policy includes:

1. Gamete & IVF support
Employees and their partners can access up to $10,000 financial support for egg or sperm collection and freezing as well as IVF treatment.

2. Pregnancy loss bereavement
For anyone at Harrison.ai going through this heartbreaking experience we offer different kinds of support. Employees can take two weeks of paid leave for miscarriage and early pregnancy loss bereavement, and 16 weeks paid leave for pregnancy loss after 16 weeks of pregnancy.

We also provide access to confidential counseling support and a library of resources in partnership with the Pink Elephants Support Network.

3. Pregnancy, Adoption and Fostering Support:
During pregnancy, we provide flexibility to attend medical appointments and offer reimbursement of ultrasound expenses up to $1000.

Regardless of gender, employees can take 16 weeks of paid parental leave when having a baby, adopting or fostering. Grandparents can access one week of grandparent leave to be there for their loved ones.

New parents will receive a congratulatory payment of $500 following the commencement of their parental leave.

4. Support for new parents
During paid parental leave, employees are encouraged to continue to access the benefits available. When preparing to return to work, we encourage our people to explore the type of flexibility they may need to help balance being a parent with work life.

5. Ongoing support for mums and dads:
We want to support our people beyond the initial few years of parenthood. Parents can access two weeks of paid leave to help prepare themselves and their child for school. We also offer access to a Nutritionist through our well being program.

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